Game Game Penguin Lunch 2 online


Game Game Penguin Lunch 2 online.

Meet the Penny Penguin. Once Penny skidded onto an ice floe in another country. She needed to get on the ship and sail home, but for this she needs money. With the help of her ingenuity and love for cooking, Penny earned the right amount and returned home. She was very glad, but the knowledge and skills she had gained did not let herself be forgotten, and Penny decided to open her own restaurant. That's just she herself can not do it. Are you ready to help the penguin? In the game "Penguin Lunch 2" you need to feed visitors with Penny and earn money to expand your restaurant business. To do this, you will feed your guests and receive money for delicious dishes. As soon as a penguin appears on the doorstep of the restaurant, you need to seat him at the table, accept the order and take the money when the client leaves. Here it is necessary to try and manage to serve and feed all customers with lunch, so that each of them is satisfied. Have a good game!

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