Game Emily's Restaurant: Message in a Bottle online


Game Emily's Restaurant: Message in a Bottle online.

Meet Emily. This little girl is the heiress of one of Italy's oldest family restaurants. Only there you can experience the real culinary delight and feel the real taste of Italy by tasting signature pasta and pizza with mozzarella and basil. Now the restaurant is run by Emily’s grandfather, but soon he wants to shift his responsibilities to one of his sons until Emily grows up. In the game "Restaurant Emily: Message in a Bottle", you will help Edward and his older brother. You need to open a restaurant and serve all guests. For visitors to be satisfied, you must take an order, bring the ordered dishes. After eating, the client will approach the checkout counter and pay you. Also, you must clean the table after each visitor. Then new customers will be able to take up free space. The more visitors you serve, the more money you will earn for your family restaurant. Have a good game!

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