Game Emily Christmas Restaurant online


Game Emily Christmas Restaurant online.

Welcome to Emily's Restaurant. Every Christmas, he turns into a fabulous place and all the inhabitants with pleasure come to Emily to taste her magnificent author's sweets. In the game "Emily's Christmas Restaurant", you will go to this magical place and be able to meet all of Emily's relatives and friends. After meeting you, you will be behind the counter and will help the girl, because the influx of visitors during the Christmas holidays is just crazy. in the early days it will be easy and fun to work. The main thing is to remember which dish, where to be. At first, you will only sell sweet apple and cinnamon rolls, sugar pretzels and gingerbread. But on other days, your menu will be much more diverse: hot soups, delicious drinks, fried nuts and marshmallows at the stake,
waffles with syrup and butter. Also, you will sell warm scarves, Santa Claus hats and cozy mittens. Be smart and friendly and the holidays will be glorious. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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