Game Game Barbara Gordon: Burrito Blitz online


Game Game Barbara Gordon: Burrito Blitz online.

Charming Barbara Gordon decided to open her own business and start a business. Her choice fell on the food industry. Now the beauty has become the owner of a cute restaurant with fast food. The stars of the menu were tacos and burritos. This restaurant quickly became popular and often there were large lines. In the game "Barbara Gordon: Burrito Blitz", you will help the girl serve guests. Before you will be a distribution with various ingredients for burritos and tacos: cakes, grilled meat, grated cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs and various sauces. You can cook four dishes at the same time. As soon as the visitor approaches the counter, you should carefully study the guest's wishes and prepare the dish. If you do something wrong or cook for a long time, the client will be upset and will leave without paying. If the three visitors leave dissatisfied, the game will end. Try to serve and feed as many guests as possible and earn a decent amount to grow your business. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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