Game Game What Dessert Are You? online


Game Game What Dessert Are You? online.

Lovely girls, it's no secret that we all just love sweets. Arriving at your favorite restaurant or cafe, we are already dreaming of a delicious and sweet dessert. All the girls are delighted with cute cupcakes, beautiful pastries, charming cakes with light cream and fruity notes. But do you want to know what dessert you yourself look more like? We present you the game "What Dessert Are You? "where you’ll have an exciting test. To get the result, you need to answer all the questions of the test. Each question will be accompanied by several answers. Almost all of them will be in pictures, from which saliva will simply flow. And only at the end of the game will give you the result. So, what sweetness will you be in your restaurant? Maybe you are tender and romantic, like a cupcake? Or an explosive adventurer, like a mysterious banana cake? Do not forget to share the test results. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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