Game Game Cinema Panic 2 online


Game Game Cinema Panic 2 online.

Welcome to the cinema. Today we will be on the other side of the world of cinema. Previously, you came to the cinema to watch an interesting film and chew popcorn, and now, you will stand behind the counter and work. And it will be no less interesting than just sitting in the hall. In the game "Cinema Panic 2" you need to choose one of the employees - Justin or Taylor. At the first level, a little training awaits you. You have to serve one guest and earn some money. Further, you will be able to fully operate without assistance. The main thing is to have time to serve all customers. Take orders, feed guests delicious food and drinks and get paid for it. Money must be spent on improving and speeding up existing equipment, on purchasing new ones, on new films for your movie theater and on hired workers. While working, try to keep track of the ticket seller. If he falls asleep, then some visitors will be able to go without tickets and you will be in the red. As soon as the seller starts nodding, immediately wake him up. On the main menu near some levels there will be a gift. This means that there you will find a surprise in the form of new technology. Then, you can safely feed visitors with crispy popcorn, delicious hot dogs, hamburgers and other goodies. Have a good game!

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