Game Street Drink Vans online


Game Street Drink Vans online.

Making delicious coffee is a real art! Only a professional barista can make such coffee, from which goose bumps will run across the skin. But if you want, then you can learn how to prepare delicious drinks at the level with the masters of their craft. In the game "Street Drinks Vans", you will become the owner of cute restaurants on wheels. First you have to sell coffee at the fair. Carefully listen to the wishes of the client and make coffee strictly by order. For delicious and high-quality coffee, you will receive money. After that, you will go to an amusement park where you will sell sweet desserts to kids: donuts with icing, toasted toasts with jam and popcorn. Now it’s the turn to start the engine of the van with drinks. The guys have already been waiting for your branded smoothies and fruit juices. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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