Game Game Restaurant: Top Burger online


Game Game Restaurant: Top Burger online.

Welcome to the Top Burger game. Here you have to cook the most delicious burgers in the city. Try to quickly and efficiently serve all customers and this will help your business grow. All great ideas begin to be embodied with tiny steps and your first step will be to prepare the first burger and your first visitor. At first you will have only one restaurant, but as you progress through the game, you will begin to develop your business and then you can open a network of restaurants. At first, you will have a very small selection of products at your disposal, but talent will help you prepare culinary masterpieces even from this. As you progress through the game, a wide selection of products will be available to you: burger roll, meat cutlet, cheese, salad, tomatoes, onions, egg, bacon, pickled cucumbers, ham, chili peppers, chicken nuggets, french fries, soda and ice cream. Prove to everyone that you are a virtuoso cook and a professional in your field. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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