Game My Own Unicorn online


Game My Own Unicorn online.

As already known, unicorns are a type of horse. Their special difference is one big horn growing on their head. These creatures are more of a fabulous origin, which is why they are so beautiful and like all children. In this game you will have your own unicorn, which you can make even more beautiful than it is. To do this, you need to pick him a gorgeous mane, fluffy tail and a beautiful, bright horn. That’s not all, add wings to his back, thanks to which he will be able to fly, and then add a unique pattern to the back. After that, you can take a picture of it to leave as a keepsake, or create another unicorn. Also in the game there is a mode for comparing two unicorns. To do this, simply dress them in different outfits and see which one will be more beautiful.

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