Game Game Princess and Unicorn online


Game Game Princess and Unicorn online.

Once there was a princess in the big kingdom who did not want to get married, because she could not find a worthy prince for herself. Her passion was a beautiful unicorn on which she fell in love with riding around her kingdom. Over time, the princess beat her unicorn so badly that she spent almost all of her time with him. Based on the motive of this story, a game was made in which you need to beautifully dress up a princess who stands next to her unicorn. Let's get started, first choose a hairstyle for the princess, then her dress, shoes and a magic wand. When the princess is ready, start choosing outfits for the unicorn. The main thing that will give it beauty is a hairstyle, namely, a mane and a tail, they can be of different colors, or shining. Then select a beautiful horn and hooves, and then hang a beautiful necklace on its neck. And so, everything is ready, now the princess will be doubly happy, because they and the unicorn look so good together.

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