Game Christmas Unicorn Robot online


Game Christmas Unicorn Robot online.

A very cool game about a unicorn robot that attacks everything that meets in its path. He runs and jumps on mountains and rocks. This time our unicorn fell in the Christmas period, it is a wonderful time of the year when it is full of snow, and there are lots of gifts around. You, as usual, run as a unicorn robot and collect gifts, as well as break big snowballs on your way. A merry Christmas song sounds and garlands are hung everywhere, what could be better ?! In the game Robot Unicorn 4 - you will find even more special effects, and explosions. The complexity of the game remained the same. The game goes to the account, there are only three levels in each of which you can score a certain number of points which are summarized at the end of the game and make up the final result.

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