Game Game Unicorn Castle Decoration online


Game Game Unicorn Castle Decoration online.

In this wonderful game you will need to decorate a real unicorn castle. But for this you need to first create it from the very beginning. Start playing, in front of you is an empty green field on which in the future you can place the castle. At the top of the screen is a panel with a selection of the necessary scenery. First, select one of the proposed locks and set it at the top of the picture so that it is located at the end of the road to the castle. After that, open the menu with a choice of unicorn, there will be three different types of them. Take the most beautiful and transfer to a suitable place near the castle. Now it's time to plant some bushes, grass and flowers. From jewelry you can choose a girl a noblewoman and a carriage for her. Also establish protection near the castle, it will be a beautiful knight with armor. That's all! Unicorn Castle is ready!

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