Game Game Gingerbread Man in the Maze online


Game Game Gingerbread Man in the Maze online.

Probably everyone heard the tale of the Kolobok, who lived with Grandparents. But over time, life with the elderly Kolobok tired and he decided to leave his grandfather and grandmother in search of a new one. But unfortunately this story ended tragically and Kolobok became a dinner for the sly fox. Today you can change everything and help the naughty Kolobok to return home, where his relatives and grandfather are waiting for him. To do this, you must help Kolobok to get out of the maze, where it is full of dangers in the form of: fox, bear and hare. Try to go through the maze as carefully as possible so that Kolobok gets home, and not to someone in the mouth. If you still brought Kolobok not to your home, but to a dangerous beast, then you will have to start your journey anew.

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