Game Game Train of Words Butterbone online


Game Game Train of Words Butterbone online.

Welcome to the magical village of Paddlebrook. The most amazing magical creatures live here. Now you will meet one of them. This is a charming fairy butterfly. This cute little fairy just loves to bake and it turns out she’s just fine. Everyone who at least once tried the fairies homemade pastries was delighted. But that's not all Butterbin's talents. She adores children and tries in every possible way to help them in difficult times or play when the child is bored or upset. In the game "Train from Words Butterbone" the young fairy will teach you several English lessons. Together with it, you can not only learn new words, but also practice your writing sentences. You are waiting for a small train of words that will travel around Paddlebrook. At each station, pictures and words await you. Look at the image and try to make a sentence from the words that are on the wagons of our wonderful train. Each word and article will be installed only in its place and, you can experiment and easily learn a few phrases. This educational game will help you progress in learning English and make it fun. Have a good game!

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