Game Game Judy's Leg Operation online


Game Game Judy's Leg Operation online.

In the game "Operation Judy's Foot", you will help baby Judy, who injured her foot during a forest patrol. The rabbit was very hurt and now she needs a medical examination and possibly even an operation. So, we are starting. First you need to wash the leg and disinfect the wounds. It will take a little time, but you can handle it. Then you need to remove pimples and freeze serious abrasions in order to destroy the parasites and take an x-ray. During an X-ray, a finger fracture may be detected. Then you have to insert it into place. After all, it remains only to sew up a large wound and on this foot can be left alone. Next, you just have to put Judy Hops in order and choose beautiful clothes for her. Voila! Our dear rabbits are healthy and happy!

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