Game Game Police Investigation online


Game Game Police Investigation online.

In Zeropolis, a series of thefts took place. Residents in a panic. All were closed to their homes, and no one, without any unnecessary need from home, neither. Only to work or to the grocery store. Every day, dozens of complaints and allegations of theft come to the police department. Although the thefts are minor, they inflict considerable harm on the animals of Zeropolis. Our old acquaintance officer Judy Hops herself volunteers to investigate crimes and gets down to business. In the game "Police Investigation", you will be Judy's first assistant. In order to solve the crime you need to find all the stolen things that are shown in the upper block of the game. Carefully examine each corner of the picture and try to find everything to the last subject. If you cannot independently find this or that thing, then you can always use the hint. To do this, click on the icon with a flashlight in the upper right corner and the arrow will point you to the missing item. Have a good game!

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