Game Game Zootropolis: Idleness At Work online


Game Game Zootropolis: Idleness At Work online.

Judy Hops is one of the most responsible police officers in Zootropolis. But even such perfect cops need a little rest. In the game "Zootopolis: Idleness at Work", you will show Judy how to relax and have fun even in the workplace. First you need to look around and make sure that there is no Mr. Buffalo. While there is no boss, you can dig up a couple of donuts, pour coffee to employees, print personal papers on a working printer, turn off the light and look for a carrot with a flashlight. You can also dress Judy for a walk and put up a poster to find the criminal. In a word, you can have fun as you like, just not to get caught on the hot Mr. Buffalo. Good luck

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