Game Game Zeropolis: Find a Smile online


Game Game Zeropolis: Find a Smile online.

Zeropolis is a place where everyone can become what he wants. But life is a little more complicated than it seems at first glance. Although this does not prevent all residents of Zeropolis from being happy. And as you know, where happiness lives, a smile is born there. This is what we will see in the game "Zootopolis: Find a Smile". Before you will be a playing field with cards. The cards will depict residents of the animal metropolis. They will all be friendly and kind, but only one of them will smile. it is precisely this character that you need to find. For each round you will have eight seconds, for which you must have time to cope with the task. Sometimes the pictures will change their position, but you should not get lost because of this. After all, a smile shines brighter than any gem and finding it is not difficult. Have a good game!

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