Game Game Zeropolis: Investigation Underway online


Game Game Zeropolis: Investigation Underway online.

Even such a clever swindler and a crook like Nick Wilde was hooked by a policeman. And this cop turned out to be a newcomer to Judy Hops. She recorded his pathos speech on the pen - the recorder. Now our red-headed crook has to become Miss Judy's accomplice and help her cope with one difficult task. In the game “Zootropolis: Investigation Underway”, you will help Judy and Nick search the registration department of the traffic police. Comrade Nick is a sloth named Blitz. You must search all the papers and documents for evidence until Blitz and Zoe look at you. As soon as you see an exclamation mark on the screen, then immediately stop digging through the papers, or else they’ll spot it. Watch the tape carefully. Once it is full, then the level will be passed. Remember that you are limited in time. Good luck

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