Game Your Zootopia Character online


Game Your Zootopia Character online.

So you again visited Zveropolis - a city where dreams come true. Once a young rabbit named Judy Hops went to work there and became the first rabbit - a police officer in the history of the city. The promising and ambitious Judy was able to find his place in the sun. Also, there lives a fox - a swindler Nick Wilde. With the help of his cunning and resourcefulness, and of course, friendship with Judy, he was able to become a rookie and a partner of the rabbit in the police. The lion Leodor Zlatogriv manages Zveropolis himself, and Miss Baraškis the lamb is his deputy. In a word, in Zveropolis you can meet predators and herbivores that peacefully coexist. In the game "Test: Your Character of Zveropolis", you can have fun and find out which of this cartoon, you are more like. Have a good game!

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