Game Hairdresser Zveropolis online


Game Hairdresser Zveropolis online.

Today we will get a haircut, dye and make beauty! Sloth Blitz opens the first hairdresser in Zveropolis. His first clients will be police officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, as well as pop star Zveropolis Gazelle. In the game "Zveropolis Hairdressing Salon", you will not only control all the processes, but also truly create magic with the hair and style of our heroes. You are ready? Go! Nick will be the first. First you need to wet your hair, then comb them and dye the strands. In the end, you just have to shave the hair on the sides and you can go to the dressing room and choose a nice outfit and shoes for Nick. Now it was Gazelle's turn. Bring her gorgeous pile of hair in order, wind. and you can safely choose a beautiful dress or a bright suit for a beautiful woman. Next up is cutie Judy. Make her a beautiful haircut and dress up the girl, just look so that Blitz does not fall asleep during the work. Have a good game!

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