Game Game Zootropolis: Makeup Gazelle online


Game Game Zootropolis: Makeup Gazelle online.

Gazelle is the very popular singer Zveropolis. A native of the Sahara City personifies the policy of the whole Zeropolis on the equality of all animals of this city. Here herbivores and predators peacefully coexist. In the game "Zeropolis: Makeup Gazelle", you will act as a personal stylist and makeup artist of this beautiful person. First you need to do a few facial treatments. Apply a few face masks and cleanse your skin from acne. Then you can start makeup. A few touches and the star of Zeropolis will find some fresh notes in the usual stage makeup. Next, you should choose the most beautiful outfit and stylish accessories to give the image integrity and harmony. Now Gazelle is ready to delight fans with her beauty and talent. Have a good game!

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