Game Game Zootropolis: Fashion Police online


Game Game Zootropolis: Fashion Police online.

Today you are lucky enough to become a member of one of the most popular shows of Zootropolis "Fashionable Police". Its leading was our brave guardian of the order of Judy Hops. This show is wildly popular throughout Zeropolis and beyond. And all because the stars of the first magnitude are participating there. In the game "Zootopolis: Fashionable Police" your star guest will be a bright and unique singer Gazelle. You have to choose for the beauty three stunning images for three situations. The first outfit needs to be prepared for the concert. The second image for Gazelle, you will choose for a vacation on the campsite. After all, a star, she is always and everywhere a star. But the third and most important image will be dedicated to entering the red carpet. At the end of each image demonstration, the jury will rate you. Have a good game!

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