Game Game Cure the Judy Hopps Ear online


Game Game Cure the Judy Hopps Ear online.

To be a police officer is very difficult and even dangerous. Every day you need to keep order and catch criminals. The brave policeman Judy Hopps has become an excellent servant of the law, even though she is a rabbit, and her colleagues are huge and powerful animals. The cutie was able to jump around and become a cool cop. Despite all this, the girl could not avoid injuries and after the last operation, Judy had to see a doctor. In the game "Cure Judy Hopps Ear", you put on a white coat and become a doctor who will provide Judy with the necessary help. Her ear hurts and she needs to be examined urgently. Put it in order. It is necessary to cut off excess hair, remove parasites and clean the ears with cotton buds. Now you can take a magnifier and use the tools to rid the patient of dangerous microbes. Now she is safe and sound. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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