Game Kisses Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde online


Game Kisses Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde online.

In Zeropolis, a new romantic couple has appeared. Famous police officer Judy Hopps and her partner Nick Wilde began dating. That's just so far no one knows about it and a couple meets secretly. In the game "Kisses Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde", you will help lovers to conduct a romantic date so that no one guesses about anything. That's just what you need to do in secret from everyone and constantly be on the alert. The first date Nick and Judy will be held in a large shopping center. Help the lovers give each other a kiss while no one sees. A large tiger will rest on a bench and read the newspaper peacefully. Watch carefully that he does not catch you on hot. The second date will be held in the garden. Be careful and try so that Miss Baraškis does not notice the sweet couple at the most inopportune moment. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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