Game Game Zootropolis: Shopping Run online


Game Game Zootropolis: Shopping Run online.

Now you have to check for observation and speed. In the game “Zootropolis: Shopping Run”, you will play three characters: the rabbit - police officer Judy Hops, the adorable fox Nick Wilde and the unflappable Yaks. Each hero has special skills that will help you pass certain obstacles. Nick can jerk through dirty puddles, Judy jumps pits with water, and Yaks can get objects that are on the very top shelves. The essence of the game is that you will run around a huge supermarket in search of some items. This will be a decent list of things: a ball, a can of pickles, a teddy bear, a hairbrush, slippers, cars, packs with breakfast cereals and more. Each of the heroes is assigned a certain number of things, and as soon as you find all the items of one character, the next step will come. Carefully watch the signs on the rows. There will be a rabbit, fox and yak. Guided by the signs, you can understand which character you need to go to a particular row. Have a good game!

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