Game Game Zootropolis: The Chase Hops online


Game Game Zootropolis: The Chase Hops online.

Today in Zveropolis there was a theft right in front of police officers. Such an impudent act must be punished by law. A small fox stole someone else's suitcase and is trying to escape with him from the police. While a huge policeman call for help, a brave officer Judy Hops takes up the matter. Her small stature and fragile size will help the young rabbit to catch the criminal. In the game Zootropolis: The Chase of the Hops, you will prosecute on behalf of Officer Hops. The rabbit will chase after an unsuccessful gangster, until all the same he will not overtake him. You must help her in this bravo business. Ahead of you is a long way with many obstacles. You must become the eyes and legs of Judy Hops. The officer will run automatically. Your task is to help Judy avoid obstacles, of which there will be a huge number. First you need to jump over fire hydrants, benches and trash cans. Then Judy will slide under the gate. Then you will find yourself on a tape with many pipes. Your lightning fast reaction will help you bounce or slide at the right time. Judy has three officer stars. When colliding with an item, you will lose one star. As soon as all three stars are lost Officer Hops will fail the case. Try and don't let down a lovely rookie. Have a good game!

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