Game Game Agnes Mouth Care online


Game Game Agnes Mouth Care online.

Today, Agnes babies have very big mouth problems. The fact is that Agnes is still small and drags everything in her mouth. And now the girl has many infections that infect her entire body. You must help Agnes and do special care for the girls mouth. To get started, you will need to look into Agnes's mouth to assess the situation and begin treatment. As soon as the baby opens her mouth, you should not be scared, because there will be a lot of mucus, pus and other inflammatory processes. Now that you know everything, you can start treatment. To do this, you will have tools by clicking on which, you can find out what to do with them. First of all, you need to wipe all the mucus and remove the pus from the glands of Agnes, so that after it would be more convenient for you to treat the girl further.

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