Game Game Despicable Me: Minor at Laura online


Game Game Despicable Me: Minor at Laura online.

Recently, the Minions have become very sick, their nose has become a particularly sore spot. And all because in the laboratory where they work a lot of different smells that irritate the nasal membranes. One of the Minions became so sick that he could not stand it and decided to go to an appointment with Laura. As soon as he looked at Mignon’s nostrils, he was horrified, because there were a lot of bacteria, long hair grew and everywhere there was very unpleasant mucus. Therefore, Laura can not do without your help. Before you will be a lot of tools, clicking on which you will see their purpose. But so that you get confused, start by removing the hair, then wipe off the mucus so that it does not interfere with your further treatment of Minion’s nose and you complete the task.

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