Game Despicable Me: Mignon in Beard Salon online


Game Despicable Me: Mignon in Beard Salon online.

Today, all Minions have a holiday, because today everyone celebrates “Valentine's Day”. Each of the Minions is prepared in a special way to surprise his soulmate with a colorful gift. Here are just one Mignonchik does not know what to do to surprise his beloved. Walking along the street, Mignon saw an ad where it was written about the opening of a new "Beard Salon". Now Mignon knew what an emu needed to do so that his gift for the girl was the most beautiful. In the game you will need to help Mignon visit the beard salon. As soon as our hero entered the salon, he was delighted with such an assortment of beards. Now you will need to make some adjustments in creating the image. To begin with, put shaving cream on your face, and then with a razor, knock down an unnecessary beard. After that you can glorify the face of Mignon clean, or choose a beautiful beard for him.

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