Game Game Minion After the Crash online


Game Game Minion After the Crash online.

A minion named Dave is not very calm, and loves to find fault with all his friends. And today he didn’t share something with a friend, and the guys even got into a fight. After which our Dave seemed to be back after the accident. It was not possible to look at the minion without pity, because various objects stuck out of it, there were a lot of cuts and it was covered in blood. Now you are in a place with Dr. Nefario, you must help Dave and cure him. From the bottom you will see all the necessary tools with which you will need to work. First of all, you will need to pull out all the objects from the body of the Mignon, treat all the wounds with a solution and seal with a plaster. Also, do not forget to wipe the blood and give Dave an injection, which will help relieve pain from bruises.

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