Game Game Minions: Real Hairstyle online


Game Game Minions: Real Hairstyle online.

A minion by the name of Dave, until no one saw him, sneaked into the laboratory to change at least something in his appearance. But since Mignon cannot read, he took the first capsule and drank it. In just a couple of seconds, Dave's hair began to grow very quickly on his head. Now Dave is the hairiest minion you haven't seen yet. Over time, the hair began to interfere with the minion and now he just needs an unrealistically cool hairstyle. Help cute Mignon make a beautiful haircut so that he looks beautiful and his hair does not interfere with his work. To do this, you will have a lot of different tools that you can use to create a beautiful hairstyle. Closely watch Dave's facial expressions, if you do something wrong, then on your face you will see a grim grimace. This will mean that this should not be done in the future. Enjoy the game, good luck!

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