Game Happy Monkey and Eggs online


Game Happy Monkey and Eggs online.

A wonderful holiday is approaching - Easter, which means that it is time to paint the eggs. The monkey family painted as many as 100 eggs, but in a strange way all the eggs were gone. Now all the monkeys are very sad, they have no mood. Now all hope is only on you, you have to cheer the monkey and find all the eggs. To do this, you need to carefully examine all locations, talk with residents who will be on your way, solve many puzzles and puzzles in order to get various items that can be exchanged for eggs. At each location you will find items that will help you move to the next location where you can find all the eggs. As soon as you find the last hundredth egg, the game will be completed. The monkey will become happy, and you will become the best friend of the family of happy monkeys, because it is with your help that the monkey will celebrate Easter with eggs. Good luck

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