Game Happy Monkey: Turkey online


Game Happy Monkey: Turkey online.

Today, all the happy monkeys gathered at dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving. When it came to the festive turkey, it turned out that it disappeared not only in the monkey family, but in the whole village. And again, happy monkeys began to be sad, because all the festive food was gone. Help the happy monkey save Thanksgiving, for this you need to find dinner for the people in the village so that everyone sits at the table and begins to celebrate. But to do this, again you need to unravel logically the tasks that the monkey loves so much, because the more quests, the more it goes, the more happy it becomes. Therefore, you have no choice but to help the monkey figure out where the whole dinner disappeared. Besides the fact that you need to find a turkey, you still need to collect 30 apples, interact with other objects and objects, find them a way to complete the quest. If you are at a dead end and don’t know what to do, don’t worry! Take a look at everything around, click on a few items, maybe you will see a hint. Also, do not forget to use objects that you find in locations, they can help you a lot and solve your problem with passing this level. Try, be careful, only logic can help you find all the items you need, save Thanksgiving and make the monkey happy. Good luck

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