Game Game Monkey and Treasure online


Game Game Monkey and Treasure online.

Our Monkey is sad again! Only treasures that are hidden in the middle of nowhere can amuse her. But this is the only chance to make the monkey happy. Therefore, you must do everything and find treasures. To do this, you have to go through 15 levels, in each of which you need to cheer the monkey by performing certain tasks. To solve this quest, you need to carefully look at everything around, think logically and as a result you will find a way out of the situation. Do not forget to use the items found, they can help you in solving the problem. If you do everything right, the monkey will be the happiest. When you reach level 15, you need to solve a very difficult quest, but if you succeed, solve it, you will receive the main reward - a whole chest of gold. This find will make the smoy monkey happy. Good luck

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