Game Happy Monkey: Elves online


Game Happy Monkey: Elves online.

On New Year's Eve, the monkey family was away from home. This really upset them, because they don’t know anyone in this area. In order for the monkeys to find their way home or become happy, you must cheer them up. Nearby, one of the monkeys saw the village of New Year's elves. If you help find the elves, the monkey will be the happiest and will laugh the loudest. To find an elf you need to go through a quest that consists of level 21. Passing level after level, you will make the monkey the happiest, which will raise her New Year's mood. So, if you want the elf to leave his shelter, you need to solve the puzzle. To do this, carefully look at everything around, think logically and begin to act. If you don’t know what to do, just click on everything and maybe you will see tips to help you complete the quest. But this is not all for the monkey to see the elf, you need to click on it, only then the monkey will be happy. If you do everything right, think over each step, then as a result you will hear the happy laugh of a cute monkey. Enjoy the game, good luck!

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