Game Game Monkey and Samurai online


Game Game Monkey and Samurai online.

Today, in conjunction with the Happy Monkey, visit - Japan. Misfortune happened here, all the little samurai, and there were 70 of them, ran away and hid wherever. Now the monkey is obliged to help with the search for samurai. Therefore, do not hesitate to go on a trip with the monkey and help her solve all the puzzles that she loves so much. The solution to some problems will not seem real to you, but still try everything and you may be able to complete this unusual quest. In addition to searching for samurai, you still have to inspire all the inhabitants, collect 25 gold coins for which you can buy a saddle for a horse, and in return you will find out where the remaining samurai are hidden. As soon as you find some objects, immediately use them for their intended purpose to discover new territories and find all the samurai. Logical thinking is what helps you complete this difficult quest to make the monkey happy. Good luck

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