Game Happy Monkey: Madness online


Game Happy Monkey: Madness online.

The Happy Monkey Family is sad again. Therefore, you have a real madness - 27 levels with a variety of puzzles that are very difficult to solve. But if you manage to go through all the levels of this madness, you will make the monkeys the happiest. For the sake of this it is worth working hard and solving all logical problems. In the initial levels, everything will be simple, but then everything will be much more difficult. Remember, monkeys are very kind and always want to help - this is your trump card to all the riddles. In one of the levels you will see a boy who will sit on the road and cry. Your actions should be as follows: find the phone, call an ambulance and make sure that everything is fine with the boy. Only after what he saw will the monkey become happy. We remind you: do not forget to use the items that you find, maybe a certain item may become the outcome of your quest. Good luck

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