Game Monkey Valentine's Day online


Game Monkey Valentine's Day online.

So Valentine's Day has come - the holiday of all lovers. But our monkey is sad as always. All because walking along the street she saw that no where there are no couples in love, some kind of obstacles appeared between them. To find out what’s the matter, the Monkey sets off on his new adventure, where he will do everything possible to reunite the hearts of lovers. You will of course help the little monkey and travel with her. First you need to find 70 Valentines rabbits that give people love. They hide in the most unpredictable places. Therefore, look carefully at everything around. Collect items to help you solve the tasks. There will be a lot of secret doors in the game that can be opened with a key, but in order to get the desired key, you need to solve very complex ciphers. Logical thinking is what helps you solve all the puzzles. When you find the last rabbit, all couples in love will be together, and the monkey will be the happiest. Good luck

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