Game Happy Monkey: Christmas Tree online


Game Happy Monkey: Christmas Tree online.

Our monkey is sad again. The New Year and Christmas are approaching, and the Christmas tree that stands on the central square does not shine with lights is very bad, because the atmosphere of the whole holiday depends on the radiance of the Christmas tree. The monkey can’t sit idle and is ready to go through another serious quest to light the Christmas tree with beautiful garlands. It turns out that there is no electricity in the city to find the problem of its disappearance, you and a monkey need to go a long way, starting from finding a fuse in the switchboard. To do this, you will have to perform many other tasks completely unrelated to the electrics. The main task will be to collect 30 acorns, photograph Yeti, collect firewood and take the frozen person to the cave and many other tasks that go along the chain of this quest. Take your time, think logically before each action, if you do not know what to do, click on everything you see and maybe you will find tips and can find a way out of the situation. If you complete all the tasks, you will receive a fuse as a reward and you can light the Christmas tree with beautiful garlands, this will make the monkey happy and cheerful on New Year's Eve. Good luck

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