Game Game Monkey and Mascot online


Game Game Monkey and Mascot online.

Today, our lucky little monkey has landed in a strange country called Swampville. Chaos and devastation reigns here, all because the talisman was lost, which maintained order in this fabulous place. Now all the inhabitants and animals are out of control and only a few remain normal. This really upset the monkey, now it is her duty to find the missing talisman no matter what it costs. You will also take part in this adventure, because apart from you, no one else can solve such complex logical tasks. At the start of the game, you can choose your own monkey from the seven presented. Also, to at least a little cheer up the monkey, choose a beautiful hat for her. Now that you are ready, you can begin to solve the quest. To find out at least some clues, you need to collect silver coins, items with which you can open doors, travel to other locations, solve different ciphers. If you do all this, then completing this quest will be very easy. When you find the magic talisman, the country of Swampville will again become kind and fabulous, and this will make the monkey happy. Have a good game!

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