Game Happy Monkey: Dragon online


Game Happy Monkey: Dragon online.

The most cherished dream of the Happy Monkey is to see a real dragon. And now her dream came true, the monkey fell into the past, where there were still beautiful and powerful dragons. That's just the dragon was not in place. The fact is that all the inhabitants want to kill the dragon, only he is not to blame for anything. The monkey cannot allow her idol to be killed and will try her best to help. You must help the monkey in every way to make her happy. The game will have 17 levels, which will be very difficult to pass. Moreover, to open the last 17 level, you need to solve a riddle that no one has yet solved. Therefore, you must try very hard to solve all the logical puzzles. You also need to find little monkeys, they will help you and amuse you. If you managed to solve all the logical quests, at the end of the game you will see a golden dragon, whom the happy monkey loves so much. Good luck

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