Game Game Happy Monkey online


Game Game Happy Monkey online.

What could be worse than crying a little monkey? If only instead of one monkey, the whole family cries. In today's game, your task will be to make the monkey family happy. To do this, you need to help the monkey and complete all logical tasks. Once you solve the puzzle, the monkey will immediately become fun. At first, the levels will be very simple, for example: you need to pick a coconut and cut it with a knife. Or set fire to a rocket so that it rises high into the sky and shines for a long time. In the following levels, everything will be much more complicated, maybe you will not be able to solve the problem the first time. Therefore, you will have to think very well to find a way out of the situation. The game will have many levels, so you can play this game for a long time. Try not to give up and go through the game to the end to make the monkey happy. Have a good game!

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