Game Game Happy Monkey 2 online


Game Game Happy Monkey 2 online.

Guys, we suggest you play the brand new part of the game "Happy Monkey 2". In this part you are waiting for unusual adventures with which you will not be bored. The monkey has prepared for you a lot of positive logical quests, passing which you can see the most sincere smile in the world. But for this, you will have to try very hard! At the initial levels, completing quests will be very simple, but in the future everyone will be very difficult. To solve one puzzle, you have to think for a very long time, but what should be done here? The solution may be completely incomprehensible, still you need to try it and maybe you will be able to solve this difficult quest. The game will have 15 levels, if you manage to pass them, you will open level 16, having passed which you will make the monkey the happiest. Try to go through all the quests, logical thinking and patience will help you with this. Good luck

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