Game Monkey in the Wild West online


Game Monkey in the Wild West online.

Today, our beloved monkey decided to visit the Wild West. Most of all, she wanted to see a real cowboy and sheriff. But when the Monkey arrived, she saw complete chaos. Around the bandits who fired and destroyed everything around. The poor sheriff hid away from the bandits. He cannot do anything, because his weapons and all other things were lost. Now he is powerless, this very upset the monkey and she decided to help. To do this, she will need your help, because only you can solve logical puzzles. If you are ready, you can proceed. In the beginning, you can choose your own cute monkey for yourself, it can be like: baby, girl, old grandparents, they are all from the same family. Also, to make your monkey beautiful, you can put a beautiful headdress on it that will glow. So here your quest begins. Click on the arrows to visit another location, you also need to collect all the arrows in order to get weapons in exchange. Take your time in this game, you can play for hours to find a way out of the situation and solve all the ciphers. After you complete the entire quest, the Wild West will once again become as before. But the most important thing is that you made the monkey happy!

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