Game Game Monkey and Leprechauns online


Game Game Monkey and Leprechauns online.

The happy Monkey decided to visit the fabulous land of lepricons, because St. Patrick's Day is approaching. It is on this day that all leprechauns show their magic. But when the happy monkey came to the holiday, she saw one leprechaun who was sitting and sad. It turns out all the leprechauns have disappeared and no one knows where they are. The happy Monkey could not help offering her help in finding leprechauns. Now you and the Monkey are simply obliged to find all the leprechauns so that the holiday is a success. Once again, you need to complete the quest, solving logical puzzles. In total, you need to find 20 leprechauns, which can be anywhere. An additional task for you will also be to collect 30 sheets of clover, for which you will receive the key to the door, this you can go to the next location, where other leprechauns are possibly hidden. Look wherever possible, follow the clues, collect items and take them to the right people so that they give you clues. Everything is in your hands, good luck!

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