Game Game Monkey Ninja 3 online


Game Game Monkey Ninja 3 online.

We are again pleased to welcome you to the Happy Monkey. This time, she prepared a very difficult quest puzzle, which not everyone can go through, this is not an easy way, only the most daring and smart ones can do. In the game "Happy Monkey: Ninja 3" your task will be to make the monkey happy as always, besides solving a very difficult quest, collect 70 ninjas who hid wherever possible. To reach the end, you need to move along one chain and not go out of the way. You need to collect 10 rubies for which you can find a few lost ninjas and one thing that will help you move on. Try, take your time, ponder each decision. If you’re at a dead end, don’t worry, carefully look around, click on all objects and maybe you will find a way out of the situation. As soon as you find 70 ninjas, the game will be completed, and the monkey will be the happiest. Good luck

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