Game Game Monkey and Bats online


Game Game Monkey and Bats online.

Halloween - what could be more wonderful! Happy monkeys love this holiday, because it amuses them with all their heart. The main attributes of the Halloween holiday are pumpkin and bats. But as it turned out, all the bats disappeared and Halloween was in jeopardy. This news saddened the monkey very much. Therefore, you must do everything to make the monkey happy. Before starting the next logical quest, you can choose one of the family of monkeys, then select a beautiful hat and go on for adventures. The game "Monkey and Bats" consists of 22 levels. In each level, you need to find a way out of the situation, release bats and cheer the monkey. The solution to the problem may be completely unusual, so be careful and check all options. For example, to free bats from a balloon, you need to solve mathematical examples. Only you need to answer incorrectly so that Pinocchio's nose grows and can burst the ball. Then the bats will fly out and make the monkey happy. Good luck

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