Game Adventure Monkey Game online


Game Adventure Monkey Game online.

Wow, our little monkey was transported into the past. Everything is different here, everywhere there are high castles and kings rule everything. But everything is not as beautiful as it seems at first glance. It turns out that the king is not so good, he has a lot of prisoners in prison, who are deservedly sitting in prison. You know that a monkey is very kind and cannot allow innocent people to suffer. Therefore, the monkey again without a mood and only the release of prisoners can amuse her. So, let's begin! First, choose a monkey for yourself, after which you can start the quest. In this part, everything will be much more complicated, so you will have to work hard to solve all the logical problems that are prepared for you. To buy the necessary things, you need to collect 20 gold coins. If you do not know what to do, click on everything you see and maybe you will find a solution. Most of all you will have difficulties with ciphers, in order to solve them, you need to examine all the territories and maybe you will see tips. Try to complete this quest so that the monkey likes this adventure and she becomes happy. Good luck

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