Game Game Happy Monkey 3 online


Game Game Happy Monkey 3 online.

The goal of today's game is to make the three little monkeys happy. You will have to work hard for this. Indeed, in the third part, everything will be even more complicated. First you need to go through 15 levels to open the last 16 stages of the quest. At each level, carefully look at everything around to understand what to do and how to find a way out of the situation. All tasks will be very interesting and at the same time useful. For example: chop wood so that other monkeys have something to drown, or feed small monkeys with bananas. But in order to do all this, you need to think logically in order to put it all into reality. If you’re at a dead end and don’t know what to do. Do not worry, just click on what you see and maybe you will find a solution to your problem. For each solved task, at the end of the level you will see how three monkeys are laughing merrily, they will be the happiest because you were able to complete their logical quest. Have a good game!

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